If the Thanksgiving meal conjures up images of Norman Rockwell and families gathered around the dining room table in their homes, you might need to think again.  More and more people are eating their turkey dinner at restaurants.

Who eats Thanksgiving at restaurants? 14 million Americans, according to National Restaurant Association research. That only makes up 6% of the American public, but it's still kind of a lot. They also estimate 16 million "use restaurant takeout to supplement a meal at their own or someone else’s home." Which could really be a store bought pie or rolls or something? That seems pretty common.

At the same time, some folks prefer not to celebrate the holiday at all.

The same research shows that while one in ten Americans will have more than one Thanksgiving meal, 3% of Americans aren't doing anything special.

To see a graph breaking down the reasons why people eat out at restaurants for Thanksgiving, click the link below.

14 Million People to Eat Thanksgiving at Restaurants - Trendwatch - Eater National.