It's happened before so we know what to expect.  As part of their regular training exercise cycle, the 148th Fighter Wing Minnesota National Guard Unit will be performing a series of night flights over the Twin Ports area over the next two weeks.

According to details being shared by the 148th, those night time flying exercises will happen September 19 through September 20 - with missions emanating from their base in Duluth.  The unit is alerting residents in the the Twin Ports area, northern Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that they "may head F-16's taking off, flying, and landing during the late afternoon and evening".

The night time flying exercises are "required for pilot proficiency to train for future missions worldwide".

And while the National Guard unit calls them "night flying" missions, the training really won't require flights all that late; "all F-16's are expected to be on the ground by 10:45 PM".

Although the modern history of the 148th Fighter Wing starts with a "reactivation" in September 1948, its lineage actually dates back to the 393rd Fighter Squadron, that was "initially flying P-38J's during World War II". When it was no longer needed for the war, that squadron was deactivated, only to become the 148th in three years.

Originally, the 148th Fighter Wing flew F-51D Mustangs.  Today, they utilize Block 50 F-16CM Fighting Falcons for their missions.  Between those two aircraft, eight other planes were utilized.

To learn more about the 148th Fighter Wing, it's missions, and its lengthy connection to the Northland, visit their website.  Not only will you find current news and happenings but also a link to get involved (join).

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