You may hear some more than usual air traffic this weekend. The 148th announced that they will be conducting a readiness exercise October 23-25, 2020. Residents of Duluth, Superior, and surrounding areas including the UP of Michigan can expect to hear the jets flying, landing, and taking off. On Friday and Saturday the exercises will take place between approximately 7am and midnight. On Sunday the exercises should finish around 5pm.

Additionally those who live near the Duluth International Airport may also hear additional ground activities as part of the exercise. They will be simulating ground burst, firing blank rounds as small arms fire, and using the public address speakers. There also will be emergency vehicle sirens. All of this is for training purposes only.

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The 148th Fighter Wing routinely uses their Facebook page to alert the community about any increased exercises. For example, not long ago they informed us of night time flying training which is necessary to maintain pilot efficiency. As someone with kids, I can tell you it's nice to be able to explain why there is more military activity at the base.

The 148th adds that they routinely hold exercises to "maintain combat capability." They've deployed airmen and F-16s across the globe many times over the year. Most recently they assisted in a NORAD homeland defense mission earlier this year.

So if you hear some more rumbling in the skies this weekend or see more activity at the airport, it's all part of the plan.

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