1. Anything shaped like Minnesota - Literally anything. If it is shaped like Minnesota, we want it.
  2. Terry Redlin Pictures - For a guy from Watertown, SD we sure like displaying his work in this state. Everyone knows someone who has his "Evening On The Ice" print.
  3. #LakeLife - There's really no better way to spend a summer weekend.
  4. Meat Raffles - Going to a bar and coming home with a tray of meat. It's a win-win.
  5. Fish Fry Friday's During Lent - A good excuse for Catholics to not have to cook dinner on a Friday. Plus they are usually fundraisers.
  6. County Fairs - They're basically practice for going to the State Fair.
  7. Talking about the weather - If it wasn't for that dang wind it wouldn't be so bad.
  8. Kicking snow boogers off car fenders - Satisfaction guaranteed.
  9. Target Runs - Driving the Cadillac of Carts around the store, browsing, and somehow dropping $100 on stuff when you only went in for milk and garbage bags. We love Target.
  10. Ope! - The noise we all make. "Ope" might even be the first word we ever said. "Ope-ing" is a Minnesota staple, and a way of life. Don't try to deny it.

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