A report from Foursquare ( a social media site ) listed Duluth as one of the least romantic places in the US. The way they compiled this list is because of "check ins" at romantic spots. Well let me tell you Foursquare, Duluth has some pretty great spots. Maybe we just leave our smartphones at home, and don't check in all the time when we are enjoying a romantic evening. Here's the most romantic places in the Northland!

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    The Rose Garden

    On the shore of Lake Superior, the Rose Garden is a beautiful, large park that is sure to inspire romance. A lovely walk with your honey, a picnic in one of the many large grassy areas. Or just watching the sunset over the lake. The Rose Garden in Duluth is romantic, and absolutely free.

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    The Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra

    There are many classy places you can go in the Twin Ports, and one of them is the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. They even have a "sweethearts pop special" for Valentine's Day!

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    Duluth Playhouse

    Why not catch a play? The Duluth Playhouse always has plenty of shows and it can be a great date with that special someone. It's sure to be a classy, entertaining night.

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    JJ Astor's

    There's no where better to dine with a terrific view of the Twin Ports. With the spinning top of the Radisson restaurant, you can see 360 degrees of the Duluth/Superior area. There is delicious food to accompany the view, in a very nice setting. Doesn't get much more romantic than that!

  • 5

    Enger Tower

    As long as we are talking about views, what's the highest point in Duluth? Enger Tower is the place to be if you want to share a kiss on top of the Northland. In the summer, the park has had lots of work done with the restoration projects, and is a beautiful place to share the afternoon.

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    VaBene Restaurant On Lake Superior

    When I asked around the office for romantic places in the twin ports, several people told me about the patio outside of VaBene. I've been down to the Italian restaurant, but not on the patio. From what I hear, on a nice summer day it can be very romantic. Plus, I know the food is great!

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    Brighton Beach Anytime Of The Year

    This is a photo taken from the 2nd date I ever went on with my wife. Trying to find something romantic to do, I took her down to Brighton Beach on a warmer day in January of 2009. This is the view we had. It was absolutely stunning, and I'm sure it helped me score some points with her. :)

    Ken Hayes
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    Gooseberry Falls

    It is a little bit of a drive, but it is definitely worth it for a romantic day. I can't imagine how many proposals have taken place here. I know 3 people who popped the question with the majestic waterfalls in the background.

  • 9

    Pattison Park, South Of Superior

    Pattison Park is Superior's little secret. There are waterfalls (The Twin Little Manitou Falls), camping sites, hiking trails, snowshoe trails and much more. The best part about Pattison park, is it's not that far of a drive. It's yet another romantic place in the Twin Ports for you to visit.

  • 10

    Park Point

    Ok, so I've never had a good date there, but a lot of other people have. Probably best in the Summertime, more like late summer when the lake finally warms up and you don't have the arctic breeze off of it. Then, it can be a very special place!

    flicer user Northfielder