Are you a firm hand-shaker or a cold, limp fish?  Experts have given new insight into what our handshakes say about our health - especially our longevity.

The strength of your handshake could be a clue to how long you'll live, say scientists from University College London.

They matched older people's balance, grip strength and ability to get up from a chair with their risk of an earlier death.

Those who did best were likely to live longer, the British Medical Journal reported.

Even though this research project used an older study group, the experts say that the results still show significant insight into how long the studied candidates could potentially live.

Although the frailty which comes with disease and overall declining health could explain much of the difference, in the case of hand grip strength the difference in death rates was noticeable even in some people under the age of 60 who outwardly showed few or no sign of poor health.

BBC News - Firm handshake link to long life.