Ask any motorcyclist and they'll tell you:  Nothing beats the excitement of hitting the open road on a two-wheel cycle.  A new website from the State of Minnesota aims to make it easy for bikers to find scenic routes that are motorcycle-friendly.

Explore Minnesota Tourism is inviting motorcyclists to discover the state's scenic byways through a new website called Highways, Byways and Back Roads - filled with information specific to motorcycling some of Minnesota's great roads.  The site chronicles several routes from a motorcyclists perspective through in-depth content, videos, photos, maps, and more.  A comment area encourages postings by others about their own Minnesota rides.

Minnesota has 21 designated Scenic Byways that showcase the state's vast range of landscapes - from the lake-splashed north woods to grand bluffs towering over meandering rivers, as well of ribbons or prairie, rolling hills, and pastures.

To discover these motorcycle-friendly highways for yourself, click here to visit the website.