The story is easy for the Green Bay Packers. Win out and they are number three seed. Get help by having San Francisco lose out and the story changes. Green Bay already the winner of the NFC north.

The Minnesota Vikings HAVE to win their last game against the Packers (which the Packers need to win to hold down the 3rd spot). Here's what else needs to happen.

Vikings: Would be a wild card if the playoffs started today, but even if they win out they need either the Giants to lose once or the Seahawks to lose twice in order to make the playoffs. The Giants losing is a better scenario for the Vikes.

Next week should be an excellent game at the Dome, knowing what is on the line.

According to Yahoo Sports 

Cowboys: Currently behind the Vikings in the NFC, but clinch the NFC East if they win out.

Giants: Currently behind the Vikings in the NFC, but clinch a playoff berth if they win out.

Need some help

Bears: Can reach the playoffs by winning out and having both the Giants and Vikings lose once, or either the Giants or Vikings lose once plus the Seahawks losing twice, or a couple of more complex scenarios. Basically, the Bears lose most tiebreakers and therefore will likely need to finish 10-6 while the other NFC wild card hopefuls finish 9-7.