The snowfall we received on Thursday begs the question:  What is the latest recorded snowfall in the Northland?  Similarly, when was the earliest recorded snowfall in our area?

For an accurate answer, I turned to the National Weather Service.  According to their records, the latest recorded snowfall in northern Minnesota happened on June 4, 1935 in Mizpah.  On that date, one and a half inches fell to the ground.  The earliest recorded snowfall occurred on September 14, 1964 in International Falls.  On that date, 3-tenths of an inch of snow fell to the ground.

Locally - at the Duluth office, their records list June 2, 1945 as the latest recorded snowfall and September 18, 1991 as the earliest record snow.  Those with good memories will remember that early winter start as the precursor to the winter with the largest snow event - the "Halloween Mega Storm" on October 31, 1991 when 36.9 inches of snow fell.