Add "Oil Pulling" to the ever-changing list of trendy things to do.  It seems that in the last month or so, social media and the internet has been full of talk about people "Oil Pulling" - along with their supposed positive results.

First - what is it?

  • "Oil Pulling" is the practice of placing a solidified fat in your mouth - usually coconut oil/fat - and then pulling it through your teeth for a period of time (usually at least 15 minutes).  Users are instructed not to swallow the oil that liquifies due to human body temperature - spitting it out instead at the end of the practice.

What is it supposed to do?

  • Proponents of "Oil Pulling" tote many different advantages to the practice.  Most claim that the oil draws toxins out of the body, which get spit away with the fat at the end.  Others also usually claim that "Oil Pulling" whitens teeth and freshens breath.  Some folks also make various claims about improved skin and body-organ functions.

Does it work?

  • Scientists are skeptical, but whole-health advocates have jumped on board.  Perhaps the placebo effect is in place with "Oil Pulling" - and it gives positive results to those who think positively about the practice.  This is definitely one of those situations where you probably have to try it for yourself.

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