It seems like the Twin Ports fox population is on an upswing.  The past few years have seen fox throughout the city limits of both Duluth and Superior.  I've personally had two or three roaming my yard and I have witnessed one running down the sidewalk on Belknap in Superior.  WIld foxes have also been showing up on Park Point.  Now, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is asking residents to stop feeding them.

Feeding wildlife may appear harmless, but it leads to a number of problems for the animal and can create conflicts with your neighbors who may not be comfortable having wildlife close to their children, pets and homes,” Martha Minchak, a DNR assistant wildlife manager, said. “We’ve received complaints of nearly tame foxes stepping over people on the beach, and attempting to follow people into their homes. Some people enjoy the interaction, but others are quite upset by it.

How can you make your yard less hospitable to foxes?

  • Remove food sources such as pet food from decks and other outdoor areas
  • Store trash indoors or in a shed or garage until pickup day
  • Yell at the fox to frighten animals and discourage them from returning