How many times have you been on a plane and it had to wait. Most of the time a plane waits to take off, and 20 minutes is an average time during busy flight times. What if you were on a plane then was put on another plane, and you still had to wait 3 hours between both.

The Allegiant flight from  Las Vegas to Phoenix had to sit for a total of four hours. One of the stories that passengers were talking about was a woman who passed out in the aisle. Despite the uncomfortable conditions, passengers tried to keep spirits up - with one man blasting R Kelly's song I Believe I Can Fly from a portable music player.

That's when the whole plane broke into song and continued to sing the song.

My question is, after not serving water, why can't the airline take care of their customers? The government monitors airlines more than bus lines and other forms of travel and the airlines have the worst customer service.

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