The KOOL NFL Schwamee has spoken. This week he says the Vikings look strong, even though the 49ers are favored, he sees the Vikings having their way with them and scoring 30, also getting a few sacks. The Green Bay Packers will have an easy week because Chicago doesn't have it together yet, according to him.

He also thinks the Falcons are going to upset the Eagles in the first game on Monday Night. Here's how his picks go for this week, use them as a guide for your Pigskin Pick 'em.

This Weeks Picks: Schwamee Picks Are in Bold and winners are red.

Steelers vs Patriots

Packers vs Bears

Chiefs vs Texans

Browns vs Jets

Colts vs Bills

Dolphins vs Redskins

Panthers vs Jaguars

Seahawks vs Rams

Saints vs Cardinals

Lions vs Chargers

Titans vs Buccaneers

Bengals vs Raiders

Ravens vs Broncos

Giants vs Cowboys

Eagles vs Falcons

Vikings vs 49ers

Record for the week 8-8 Record for the season 8-8