As the new guy in the building and living over in Superior, I have been asking around for recommendations for pizza places in the area.

Having moved here back in the middle of March (has it been that long already?), I wanted to get to know what the good pizza places were in Superior. Since then, I have tried local pizza joints, along with the familiar chains like Domino's and Papa Murphy's.

What I have found out is that Superior has some amazing pizza, and I have barely scratched the surface.

So here are my top 3 pizza places that I have visited so far in Superior. Be sure to tell me what places I need to hit up ASAP on our Facebook page!


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    Pizza Man

    I'm usually not much a thin crust guy, but Pizza Man has been my go-to spot so far. I like the classic pepperoni pizza from here.

    Credit: Google Maps
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    Vintage Italian Pizza was the first place I tried when moving here. My buddy heard good things but had never been there so we went for lunch one weekend. We both got personal sized pizza's and both left with about half of our's in a to-go box. Couldn't recommend this place enough, try the chicken wild rice pizza if you get the chance!

    Credit: Google Maps
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    Thirsty Pagen Brewing

    The Thirsty Pagen had the best atmosphere by far, it felt like a real hometown place to get a beer and some pizza. The live music was a great touch.

    Credit: Google Maps