How many times have you flown on an airplane and there's a kid in front of you crying, yelling, get the idea? You put up with it, they are kids. What if your kid was refused a seat on a plane? What if the reason was they had down syndrome?

The airline claims the boy, Bede, who is 16, was unruley and running around and screaming.

According to Yahoo! Shine


"Asking the family to take the next flight was a decision that was made with careful consideration and that was done based on the behavior of the teen," an American Airlines representative said in a statement to Yahoo! Shine. "Our EWR customer service team, as well as the crew, worked with the Vanderhorst family to try and get Bede comfortable. Unfortunately, the crew determined he was still agitated, and at that point the Vanderhorsts were asked to take an alternate flight."

The family was soon transferred to another flight on United Airlines. This time, their first class upgrade wasn't applied. Now the family plans to sue the airline for discrimination and violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was expanded to include airline regulations in 2009.

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