Oliver Bridge Project Update For May 15
The second year of work on the Oliver Bridge is almost a month in this summer and officials with the CN Railroad and Douglas County have updates.  According to information released by the railroad, work is progressing nicely.  Crews have delivered the first round of timber panels for the u…
2017-2018 Official Wisconsin Highway Map Now Available
Do people still use road maps?  I do - and I get guff about it from my co-workers.  Sure, I recognize the convenience of a digital map available via the internet, cellphone, or a device like Tom Tom;  I've even used digital maps.  However, I like having a paper road map and …
Town Of Summit Road To Close For Balsam Creek Bridge Replacement
Douglas County drivers who use County Trunk Highway B in the Town of Summit will need to find an alternative route for a while.  Work crews will begin to replace the bridge that crosses Balsam Creek on Monday, May 1;  the work is expected to start by 7:00 AM.  The road lies to the sou…
Get Your Wisconsin Vehicle Tabs With A Vending Machine? [VIDEO]
Being from Minnesota and having stood in lines at the DMV, I couldn't believe my eyes.  While visiting my sister who lives in the state of Wisconsin I ran across the Wisconsin E-Z Tab machine at a grocery store.  Wait, what....a vending machine that gives you your license tabs?  Wow, that makes life…
Wisconsin Runs Out Of License Plate Number Combinations
Something significant is about to happen!  According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, their agency is about to run out of available three-letter/three-number combinations.  A post and story on their Facebook page suggests that the current set-up has lasted for about 31 years …
WISDOT Reminder: No Cell Phones In Construction Zones
Along with nicer temperatures and (eventually) rain and fog, one of the sure signs of spring in the Northland is the large number of orange cones that start to make their appearance along roadways.  For sure, the summer road construction season is brisk with projects in our part of the country.
Wisconsin’s Do-Not-Call List Becomes Permanent
If you're like most people, you've done due-diligence every two years - re-registering your telephone number with the Do Not Call List database - effectively removing your digits from the phone lists that get sold to telemarketers.  While the registry was a welcome respite from having…
Douglas County Plans Aggressive Road Project Schedule For 2017
We may not like to see orange cones along the roadway in the summer months but the end-result is always nice.  Along those lines, Douglas County road crews have planned an aggressive schedule of projects for the upcoming summer months.  Their Facebook page outlines the work planned.
Where Are Roundabouts Located In Wisconsin?
Last summer the Twin Ports received its first roundabout - at the foot of the Bong Bridge on the Wisconsin side.  Until that intersection went round, the closest roundabout was just to the west of Ashland on Highway 2.

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