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New Video Game Lets You Sing and Dance to ABBA [VIDEO]
A new video game that will let you sing and dance to ABBA is now officially available, 'ABBA You Can Dance' is in stores just in time for Christmas.
The game is available on the Wii and features 25 of ABBA's greatest hits including 'Mamma Mia', 'Take a Chance on Me'…
No More Guitar Heros
I'm gonna have to buy up all the guitar hero games, me and my son Sam play these together. Me and all the metal heads are gonna be disappointed because I was waiting for more bands to give up their music for this, oh well, at least I have VAN HALEN.
Billy Joel The Video Game
Now you can be Billy Joel...unfortunately it's not a driving game, because that might be fun.  But it is an add on to one of the most popular music games out there.  The downloads even include "We Didn't Start The Fire" finally I'll learn the lyrics...