4th Annual Memorial Day Murph Happens May 20
As we approach Memorial Day, many are taking the time to think about the sacrifices that our men and women in the military have made for our freedoms.  An annual event aims to keep that focus with a spotlight on the charities that benefit servicemen and their families.
Veterans’ Remembrance Dinner, Thursday, December 4th
The 10th Annual Veterans’ Remembrance Dinner will be held December 4th in the Great Hall of the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center (the Depot.) Featured speakers include; Thomas Werner, Executive Director, and Ryan Welch, Airport Facilities Manager, from the Duluth International Airport, both…
You’re Invited To the Veterans Rememberance Dinner December 5th
I always hear people say, know your history or you are bound to repeat it. I also know the sacrifice people have made so I can enjoy the life I choose to live. I am thankful for that and appreciate it. In my opinion there are never too many events to honor those who have given, and I also want to me…