Steve Miller

Journey and Steve Miller Band Announce 2014 Tour
The classic-rock package tour has become something of an annual tradition over the past few summers, and it looks set to continue in 2014, when Journey and the Steve Miller Band will hit the road together for a lengthy series of dates.
Steve Miller Band Announce 2012 Tour Dates
Rev up that big ol’ jet airliner — the Steve Miller Band are back on the road. The tour, which will take the group through 10 countries in seven months, kicks off May 20th at the Doheny Blues Festival in California and winds down in Vienna, Austria on November 4th.
Rock Stars Or College Professors?
Quick!  What do Steve Miller, Mark Volman, Tommy James, and John Fogerty have in common?  ...Besides hits on the Billboard charts, each has been busy teaching college-level courses.
Lately, it seems, a steady stream of rock 'n' roll icons are bringing their expertise into college …