Sesame Street

Best of the Mitt Romney Versus Big Bird Memes
Mitt Romney can't just say he's going to put Big Bird out of a job and get away with it. Here are the best memes so far from the Great 2012 Big Bird Backlash that don't have curse words. Because in the mind of the internet, when Big Bird gets angry he grabs a rifle and starts spewing …
Slash Jockeying for ‘Sesame Street’ Gig
Believe it or not, Slash hasn’t performed everywhere. In fact, the guitarist has one gig that’s eluded him for years that he still wants to play. So please, can’t you tell him how to get… how to get to Sesame Street?
Cookie Monster Is Back To Talking Cookies
I know that kids need to eat better but why do we need to change the Cookie Monster. They've got him eating carrots and telling kids that cookies aren't an anytime snack. OK, this is one of those times that I need to say, let Co0kie Monster be himself, parents, you should be the ones to te…