road closures

City Of Duluth Announces Road Closures For AT&T Tower Work
The AT&T communications tower is not being used anymore and the company would like to remove it. This requires some changes in traffic in downtown Duluth. I know many people who use the YMCA will want to know the traffic and sidewalk patterns to be used during this whole process.
Details On First Street Construction, Map Included
Road closures are starting in the northland. You know what they say, there are 3 seasons in Duluth, Winter, Summer (two weeks) and construction. This release for First street includes a map, and may not take place if the weather doesn't permit.
Douglas County Highway D Closed Due To Flooding
Spring time means melting snow and rising waters.  While local officials aren't expecting flooding like the Northland saw last year, the usual round of road closures has started - due to soggy road conditions and standing water.
Flood-Damaged Road Closure Update
With the massive number of road closures and detours as a result of last week's flood in the Northland, it's often been difficult for drivers - especially from out of town - to keep up with what is and what isn't open.  Specifically, a lot of questions have arisen as to whether o…
Storm Damage Continues To Keep Duluth’s Highway 2 Closed
Motorists are asked to be alert and aware that Highway 2 remains closed, due to damage from last weeks rain storm and floods.
Specifically, the area on Highway 2 in Duluth between Boundary Avenue to I-35 is closed.
A detour is marked, directing people to the Boundary Avenue ramp...