McDonalds To Start Putting Calorie Counts In Lights
In a move towards further nutritional disclosure, United States locations of McDonalds restaurants are getting ready to display the calorie count of their menu items in lights - making it easier for customers to know exactly what they are ordering and eating...
96% Of Restaurants Exceed USDA Daily Limits
I guess we all realize this - but - here's evidence:  an 18-month study of the nation's chain restaurants show that 96% of the meals served exceed the daily limits for fat, sodium, and calories as dictated by the United States Department Of Agriculture.   This information co…
Obama’s Diet Pays Off; Gets Clean Bill Of Health
The results of Barack Obama's recent physical have been released.
In a two-page report released by the “first doctor,” Dr. Jeffrey C. Kuhlman gave the president a strong bill of health, saying he was a physically active 50-year-old who eats a healthy diet (the president regularly cites the influence …
Do You Live In A Food Desert?
I encountered a new term over the weekend:  a food desert.  As a "foodie" who knows his slurry from a mirepoix - and as a follower of news/current events/economics,  I was surprised that I had never heard the phrase before.