Ohio School Is Paying Students For Showing Up In Class
Teen truancy is a real problem for a lot of schools, but especially so for the Dohn Community High School in Cincinnati. It only has a 14% graduation rate and has been deemed an “academic emergency” by the state of Ohio.
So the school is trying out a novel approach: it&Clo…
Teacher Discovers $9.8 Billion Bank Balance
Wow! Just like Monopoly would say......Bank Error in Your Favor!!
A man in West Bengal, India, had expected to find a balance of $200 during a recent visit to an ATM but instead found 490 billion rupees, or $9.8 billion, in his account...
No More Swiss Bank Secrets
The legend has always been that Swiss Bank accounts were thee place to hide your money.  That may not be such a smart plan anymore.
Credit Suisse will hand over details of wealthy Americans with hidden Swiss accounts to the Swiss government, bringing U...

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