What You Could Spend Your Mega Millions On If You Won.
What would you do if you won the MEGA MILLIONS?I would take care of my family (I'm sure some would come out of the woodwork), and splurge a little, then put it away to live off of and set up my children for life.
Ever fantasize about that much money...
Ohio School Is Paying Students For Showing Up In Class
Teen truancy is a real problem for a lot of schools, but especially so for the Dohn Community High School in Cincinnati. It only has a 14% graduation rate and has been deemed an “academic emergency” by the state of Ohio.
So the school is trying out a novel approach: it&Clo…
Teacher Discovers $9.8 Billion Bank Balance
Wow! Just like Monopoly would say......Bank Error in Your Favor!!
A man in West Bengal, India, had expected to find a balance of $200 during a recent visit to an ATM but instead found 490 billion rupees, or $9.8 billion, in his account...
No More Swiss Bank Secrets
The legend has always been that Swiss Bank accounts were thee place to hide your money.  That may not be such a smart plan anymore.
Credit Suisse will hand over details of wealthy Americans with hidden Swiss accounts to the Swiss government, bringing U...

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