Appetite For Kids Meals Wanes
The love/hate relationship that Americans have with fast food kids meals seems to be taking another turn.
Long portrayed as a key contributor to childhood obesity, fast-food kids meals may be losing their appeal to youngsters — and, more importantly, their parents...
Burger King Fires Back
Having recently lost it's second-place standing to Wendy's, Burger King is firing a salvo back at the competition by changing up it's menu and it's decor.
Burger King is hoping a revamped menu with healthier options, changes in restaurant decor & packaging and updated work…
USDA Okay With “Pink Slime” In Ground Beef
What exactly is in that ground beef that you're eating?  Apparently, something called "Pink Slime" - and the USDA is okay with it.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) defended the use of ammonium-treated beef, dubbed "pink slime" by detractors, in m…
What’s Behind (Or Inside, As It Would Be) The McRib
Who am I to look down my nose at what you eat;  Frankly, the average person who spent any amount of time around a food processing plant would probably never eat that product again.
You've probably heard that the McRib - the sandwich that McDonalds rolls out every so many years "for…
Happy Meals To Get Healthier
They're telling us what to eat and how much of it.
McDonalds announced that they are changing the venerable Happy Meal - adding a serving of fruit or vegatables...and shrinking the size of the fries.
McDonald’s Billboard Hosts Giant Game of Pong [VIDEO]
A giant McDonald's video billboard in Stockholm, Sweden is hosting a game of pong that just about anybody with a smart phone can join in, without having to download any new software.
Instead, potential players use their smart phone to log on to a website associated with the promotion. After the phon…
Is Ronald McDonald About To Get The Boot?
Although he helped put a face on the fast food company, Ronnie McDonald's days could be numbered.
His floppy shoes, painted-on smile, and flaming-red hair may be a harder sell to today’s kids who are trading in their dolls and trucks for manicures and mobile games at ever-younger…
A Facelift For Ronald McDonald
In a sure sign that the economy is looking up - McDonald's is revamping their restaurants for the future.  Goodbye yellows...whites...reds...and clown heads --- and hello greens...browns...and earth tones.
McDonald's revamps stores to look more upscale - USATODAY...
McDonald’s Plans To Add 50,000 Jobs On ‘Hiring Day’
Need a new job? Mickey D's is hiring.
Fast-food chain McDonald’s Corp announced a one-day spring hiring spree aimed at fighting the use of the term “McJob” as shorthand for describing low-wage, dead-end work.
The global restaurant chain said it plans to…
Man Trains For Marathon While Eating McDonald’s-Only Diet
Now here's a cat after my own heart. Run to the golden arches several times a day and pound down those burger, fries, and egg McMuffins. He'll run off the calories anyway.  More power to him.
A 36-year-old man from the Chicago area is eating only McDonald's food products while training for the upcomi…