The Most Touching Happy Birthday Message I Have Ever Seen
I have never met Mindie Burgoyne in person. We connected on facebook because we both share an interest in haunted places and the paranormal. She lives on the Eastern Shore where I used to live and so I delight in reading about some of the places I have visited and some I have yet to visit.
Heartwarming Four Legged Love Story [VIDEO]
Two dogs running amuck, a male and female. It brings back images of Lady and the Tramp. This story doesn't end as well, but needs to be told. The female was hit by a car, the male dragged her off the road and then, stayed by her side for more than 14 hours before Animal Control removed her body…
Guy Surprises Girlfriend Halfway Across The World [VIDEO]
Margaret lives in Germany and Evan lives in Texas. They’re both in college, which means transcontinental trips are not generally in the cards. Lucky for the young couple, Margaret’s parents decided to fly Evan in as a birthday surprise.  In this heartwarming video, which was viewed more than 70,000 …