Lady Gaga

Brian May Wants Lady GaGa To Front Queen
Maybe it's setting their standards too high or wanting to cash in on Lady Gaga's fame, but I think this is way off. Sorry Brian, I love Queen, I love your music, I love Lady Gaga's music, but having her be a part of Queen would make the band Queen GaGa...
Lady Gaga and Cher to Record a Duet, ‘The Greatest Thing’
Kevin Winter, Getty Images
Cher’s musical career has been fairly low profile since she scored a massive late ’90s hit with ‘Believe,’ but her influence continues to be felt in the larger-than-life style of many younger artists — including Lady Gaga, who’s planning to acknowledge that debt with a due…
Lady Gaga Prays Only To Women
I don't care if she prays to the North side of a barn, at least she prays.
The 'Judas' singer had a very religious upbringing and while she was told to worship Jesus and God, Gaga chose to confide in females because she's always been a feminist...

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