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Yoko Ono Urges New Gun Control Laws
Since John Lennon was shot and killed on Dec. 8, 1980, his widow Yoko Ono has devoted herself to campaigning for stricter gun control legislation -- so it's only fitting that yesterday (March 21), Ono celebrated what should have been their 44th wedding anniversary by issuing a poignant reminder…
Top 10 John Lennon Love Songs
Upon closer inspection of his impressive discography, it’s obvious that John Lennon could write a beautiful sentiment with the best of his generation’s songwriters.
John Lennon’s Former Island Up for Sale
A small island off the west coast of Ireland that once belonged to John Lennon is up for sale. Business Week is reporting that Dorinish Island is currently on the market for 300,000 euros, approximately $384,000.
John Lennon’s Killer Would Prefer to Stay in Prison
Last week, Mark David Chapman was denied parole for a seventh straight time since serving the minimum of his 20 year to life sentence for shooting Beatle John Lennon. That seems to be what he wants. The convicted killer says that if were granted parole he would “probably stay right where I&Clo…

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