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Jared Allen Finds A Home With The Chicago Bears
Following the end of his contract with the Minnesota Vikings, defensive end Jared Allen visited with a handful of teams around the league, and was expected to join either the Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks. This morning, the former Vikings sack machine officially found a home within the NFC Nort…
5 Great Sacks From Jared Allen as a Minnesota Viking [VIDEOS]
Speculation much of the 2013 NFL season was that it would be Jared Allen's last with the Minnesota Vikings. News broke late last week that the defensive end wouldn't fit in new coach Mike Zimmer's scheme, and now it is confirmed that he will not be returning to Minnesota for the 2014 …
Jared Allen To Remain A Viking, Here’s The Story
Yesterday was the trading deadline, and Jared Allen was the hot topic. First of all, it surprised me that Jared Allen was on the trading block. Then I saw how much he makes and how old he is. Two things the Minnesota Vikings have always hated.