When Has Taking Second Become A Bad Thing?
I spent the weekend watching the U.S. women's soccer team play Japan for the FIFA World Cup. I was disappointed they lost. So much work and to lose on penalty kicks at the end. The First thing I thought was, soccer is a cruel game, you spend an hour and a half running......running....running...and i…
Japanese Scientists Develop Kissing Machine [VIDEO]
Scientists in Japan have developed a machine which mimics the sensation you get from an open-mouth French kiss.
According to researcher Nobuhiro Takahash, one of the goals of the project is to allow two people to make out without even necessarily being in the same room.
Songs For Japan Released
Looking for a great way to contribute some money to help all the people in Japan ? A new album called "Songs For Japan" was released yesterday with music from many different artists with all the proceeds going to help aid in Japan. Read on for the details and song list.