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Obama Wants To Save You From Junk Food Advertising
Since moving into the Oval Office, President Obama has been vocal that Americans need to stop eating junk food.  Recently, he made moves towards preventing fast food companies from targeting their advertising towards children.
Now it appears that he's facing opposition.
Is Ronald McDonald About To Get The Boot?
Although he helped put a face on the fast food company, Ronnie McDonald's days could be numbered.
His floppy shoes, painted-on smile, and flaming-red hair may be a harder sell to today’s kids who are trading in their dolls and trucks for manicures and mobile games at ever-younger…
Website Creates 71K-Calorie Lasagna From Fast Food [VIDEO]
Though we wouldn't expect someone to eat an entire lasagna in one sitting, even one serving of this monster-of-a-dish from Epic Meal Time would still contain over 7,000 calories per-person when divided into 10 servings.
The literally epic lasagna was created by the men of Epic Meal Time, a websi…
Who’s Bigger Subway Or McDonalds?
Good eats from two of my fave places to eat. Close race. Which do you prefer?
The Subway sandwich chain has officially eclipsed McDonald's as the world's largest restaurant chain in number of outlets, The Wall Street Journal reports.