Not Too Early To Make A Car Emergency Kit For Winter
Ok, so it's not quite winter yet, but snow is coming and it's getting cold. Sooner or later we will get the big one. Maybe it's time to start preparing. These are items you might not think to put in your car but can save you or your family's life.
Work On Emergency Sirens In Cloquet Is Finished [Update]
Officials with the Cloquet Police Department are sharing that they have determined what the problem was with  their emergency weather sirens and they have fixed the problem.  The malfuntion was caused by a blown fuse/breaker on the electronic board for the siren was the culprit...
Emergency Sirens Being Tested In Cloquet On Tuesday May 13
The Cloquet Police Department is alerting residents that the emergency sirens that they are hearing today - Tuesday, May 13 - is part of a test.  The emergency weather siren malfunctioned last week as part of a test procedure and workers are trying to correct it today...
Six Food Staples We Should Always Have On Hand
There are many small towns and villages in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I live in one, Lake Nebagamon Wisconsin, and I love the small town atmosphere. Over the years, I have been caught short of food items on more than one occasion due to storms, unexpected emergency, or my own oversight Often times the…

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