Drought Affects 2012 Pumpkin Crop – One Way Or Another
Depending on which news account you buy into, the Drought of 2012 is going to have an affect on your Halloween/fall pumpkin crop.  However, it's how big of an effect that's still to be determined.
Some accounts say that the dry conditions we've seen this summer have stifled the cr…
2012 Drought Will Affect Prices In Ways You Didn’t Realize
By now you realize that we're experiencing one of the worst drought's on record.  The Summer of 2012 will have lingering effects at the grocery store for months (and possibly years) to come.  However, those expected price increases may not happen to the products and goods you wou…
Drought Shouldn’t Affect Junk Food Prices
Market analysts are watching this summers drought with caution.  Corn - the crop most affected by the lack of rain this season - is one of the building-block ingredients in a lot of foods.  Being so ingrained in our diet, most food executives have predicted rising prices at the grocery sto…
Peanut Butter Prices To Skyrocket
Expect to pay more for your next jar of peanut butter.  A LOT more!
The makers of Jif peanut butter have said they expect to raise prices by 30-percent because of higher peanut costs.