Duluth Man Rescues Deer From Icy Kettle River [VIDEOS]
Duluth resident Steven Peterson was returning to the Twin Ports from a trip to Missouri, when he saw a deer trapped in the ice on Kettle River near Interstate 35 north of Sandstone.
Peterson explained to the Duluth News Tribune that he felt obligated to help the struggling creature, and while he admi…
Deer Crashes Through Glass Door of Goodwill Store [VIDEO]
A deer made quite an entrance at a Goodwill store in New Jersey on Jan. 7 when it plunged through a glass door and ran rampant in the store. A deer crashing through the window of a taco restaurant we can totally understand. But a second-hand store? How gauche!
Two Baby Deer Get Loose in a Supermarket [VIDEO]
In this latest edition of animals loose in stores, two baby deer found themselves inside a Publix supermarket in Suwanee, Georgia.
The fawns tempted fate by wandering over toward the meat section, where they were scooped up by store employees. Unfortunately, the video ends before we learn if the…
Security Camera Catches Wild Deer Breaking Into Church [VIDEO]
Given how popular Santa and his reindeer are, you might not expect a deer dashing through a church to be such a big to-do. But security camera footage of a deer decking the crowded halls of Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina has become such a sensation, it’s already made international n…