Superior Skydivers Survive Crash, Appear On Today Show
11 survivors of a collision of two planes got on another airplane to go to New York city to tell the story the boils down to being prepared. Why do we practice safety measures and know what to do in the time of emergency? These people showed us why.
Your Computer May Crash Monday If You Don’t Read This
The FBI recently made a bust of a company that was using malware to make your computer visit certain web sites. After further investigating they found that close to 300,000 computers may crash on Monday because of this viral malware. Here's how you can fix it.
Colorful Highway Crash
A semi truck full of printer ink tipped over and spilled all over a highway in a very colorful accident just south of Boston yesterday. The ink has permanently stained the roadway and will require the road to be repaved. See video of the crash site after the break.