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Breanne Marie And The Front Porch Sinners Kickstarter A New Album
Breanne Marie and the Front Porch Sinners are embarking on a new project and costs are high for album. Breanne has enlisted the musicians for her past albums but have solidified as a band and are ready to take that sound to a whole new level. They need the help of their fans to complete this new vis…
Breanne Marie Gets The Big Break Opening For National Artist
Breanne Marie has worked hard for the respect in the music business and to get the sound she has with her studio recordings and with her live sound. It didn't come overnight and her big break came while she was working hard. One night she was playing and a promoter said, I would like you to ope…
Musicians of St Jude, Meet Breanne Marie
After her father committed suicide and her brother was killed in a car accident, Breanne wrote songs to help with the healing process. The resulting music is sweet and simple country tunes. Some are deeply personal telling the stories of her loss.