Resist The Power Of Advertising At Movies, Do This Simple Thing
You go to the movies and you see a movie trailer and it makes you want to go see the flick. Or they show someone eating a hot dog, drinking a soda, hot butter over popcorn, a slushee, you want it all and you get up and purchase those items.How do you resist the power of suggestion those pictures hav…
Soft Drink Manufacturers Market To Children
A recent research study focused on the marketing tactics of the soft drink industry.  The data demonstrated how the beverage companies focus their marketing on children.
The Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale found that from 2006 to 2008, the number of advertisements children and te…
Burger King’s “King” Loses His Job
The economy's so tough that even Burger King's mascot is getting a pink slip.
As part of a plan to reinvent itself over the next year, fast-food chain Burger King is about to dethrone its creepy King character.
The struggling burger chain is planning to ditch the odd character who has starred in its r…
Obama Wants To Save You From Junk Food Advertising
Since moving into the Oval Office, President Obama has been vocal that Americans need to stop eating junk food.  Recently, he made moves towards preventing fast food companies from targeting their advertising towards children.
Now it appears that he's facing opposition.