Where Was I On September 11th, My Story By Chris Allen
I was not in New York City, nor was I in Pennsylvania, and I wasn't in Washington D.C. I was on the Penninsula of Delmarva (Delaware, Maryland, and Virgina are a part of this land) and I was living in a small town called Mardella Springs Maryland. It is directly over from Washington D.C., …
Pizzeria ‘Honors’ 9/11 With $9.11 Pizza
Nothing commemorates the greatest tragedy in American history quite like a pizza sale! A pizzeria in upstate New York decided to honor the 11th anniversary of 9/11 by selling large cheese pizzas for $9.11. The uproar was predictably appropriate.
Misspelling On 9/11 Memorial
Architectural plans:  check.  City permits:  check.  Stone mason to build the memorial:  check.  Ceremony to commemorate the 10th year since September 11th:  check.  Spell-check for names listed on the memorial wall --
Seems that a name of one of the 9/11 victi…

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