A northland volunteer has been recognized for her exceptional and tireless dedication to helping those in need following natural disasters.  The American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Region has named Diane Dunder, from Superior, WI, the 2014 Distinguished Volunteer Leader of the Year.

Described as an incredibly humble, compassionate and no-nonsense person, Dunder has been volunteering for more than 10 years with the American Red Cross, and spends a significant amount of her week furthering the mission of the Red Cross through her work mobilizing the power of volunteers.

"Diane is extremely adaptable, and has taken on a wide variety of vital roles, from feeding people in disaster areas to taking on media interviews when needed, she is a real asset to the Red Cross mission," says Tony Guerra, Disaster Program Manager of the.Northland and North Star Chapters of the American Red Cross.

With more than 1,100 volunteers, the American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Region committee, comprised of staff and volunteers from around the region, reviewed the nominees in each category and voted on a winner.

Dunder currently serves in three significant leadership roles in Disaster Cycle Services, including dispatch, response and training. She strongly advocates that disaster responders have the support they need to provide compassionate and professional services to people affected by disasters.

Dunder received her award at the regional American Red Cross Volunteer Recognition and Annual Meeting on June 24, 2014 held in Golden Valley, MN.