Reverb nation  a service that let's musicians post their music and videos, sends out a 5 must listen email to it's subscribers. This week Preston Gunderson was among 5 artists the company says people should listen to. After his performances on the RadioThon you can hear why he is a must listen.

When he was on the show he talked about performing at "The Voice" and what it taught him, what is happening in his career, with the latest cd, and when to start another one. He's even thinking of making some moves to better his writing.

Chris Allen

He has come so far and is now at a jumping point in his career and I am excited for him. I told him, ya gotta do it now while you can start over if it doesn't work.

He gave away a t shirt, and his new cd "Getting Good At Starting Over"

Here is some original music he sang for St. Jude.

Here's the Al Green song that knocked the socks off all the women working that day.

Chris Allen