Preston Gunderson, made a couple of appearances on our radio stations has returned from casting for the hit show "The Voice". He didn't get the spot he wanted, singing for the blind tryout, but did become a casting finalist. He also released his third album.

Gunderson is set to release his third album called "Getting Good At Starting Over", Featuring the single "Night" which is a duet with Jillian Rae.

As you might remember we featured Preston Gunderson on the KOOL morning show talking about his kickstarter project. Well, this is it.With over 300 backers and $13,000 raised to fund this latest project.

Gunderson's first record was in the top 200 on itunes, and his last record "The Recluse" was in the top 25 in the world on iTunes. He's just returning from "The Voice" not able to secure a spot in the final blind auditions.

The new album features a duet with Jillian Rae. The duet is a heartfelt collaboration about commitment and working through problems and hard times. Gunderson says he thinks he might have made the record that appeals to all walks of life.

You decide, more information on Preston can be found by clicking here

Click Here to see Preston perform for the KOOL morning show.