I had Ray Wolffe and Phil Solem from the Rembrandts come in and visit. We talked about many things. I kept a lot of the whole recording for you to listen. It starts with the sound check. This is REALLY behind the scenes!!


So how did Phil get from Duluth to writing the number one song in the country for the number one show in the country? I got him to talk about the story.

Ray and Phil met in a real odd place, Ray shares the story.

Duluth Central is up for sale, Ray loves to restore things, will Phil and Ray buy Duluth Central, you'll have to see the surprise answer.

Plus, a couple of songs for you to enjoy, Thanks to Ray and Phil for a great time and coming in early, I know Phil didn't want to be up so early. Great conversation, you can hear the fun we have together, and how deep and long their friendship has lasted.

I have a couple of films too. Enjoy!

Here's the music

chris allen