Here we go with the colder temps and forecast of snow coming soon, the roads are going to get slick and that means more accidents. Motorists need to remember your old driving school basics to keep safe and drive well.

Here are a few tips to remember when driving in cold and inclement weather.

Keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you.

Slow down for corners and turns.

Black ice, an invisible layer of ice that forms when warm and cold air meet, is also causing icy conditions. One of the most common areas where black ice forms is at intersections where exhaust freezes, condenses into water droplets then freezes on the pavement. Black ice can also quickly form on bridge decks ramps and in shady areas.

Black is extremely bad when you are set on cruise control because it doesn't know to slow down and actually speeds up and can cause an accident. Especially if you have one wheel catch on the ice.

Motorists should remember to:

  • Drive at safe speeds for winter driving conditions.
  • Maintain safe stopping-distances.

For additional tips on safe winter driving, go to

For updated information on road conditions, visit or call 511. This is a great service to use before you hit the roads.