A 38-year-old man is seen on video passed out on a sidewalk as bar patrons circle like a pack of wolves and literally steal everything from him.



From CBS 2 in Port Chester NY, The video shows a man out cold, prone on the sidewalk. Instead of receiving help, he was physically robbed in full view of security cameras.  One woman is seen snatching a chain from around his neck.

“This poor man … nobody knows if he’s sick. Nobody knows if he’s hurt,” said Port Chester resident Sean McNerney, who recorded the video and was the first to alert the police.

The scene took place on Main Street after midnight, down the street from a bar called La Dolce Vita. Sergio Palacios, 38, is seen staggering from the place and collapses on the sidewalk.

Port Chester Police Chief Joseph Krezeminski said he was furious over what the video reveals next.

“People are rifling through his pockets looking for valuables. At one point he has a watch on; then he doesn’t have it. Maybe after the first or second attempt there was no more to steal,” Chief Krezeminski said.

One passer-by even takes his belt. Another removes his shoes-- to see if money is stashed in his socks. Neighbors said it isn't unusual; just rarely caught on camera. People in town have said that it is not uncommon to find someone under a car, rolled there because they were robbed and there is nothing left to take.

Police are investigating this matter and how to deal with the complaints and make it safer to walk home.