I think we've all been there;  At one point we've all gotten into a vehicle that's been sitting outside all day in the hot summer sun.  Not only are the temperatures in an extremely hot car uncomfortable, but they can also be dangerous to our health.  This is especially true for children who might not realize the dangers on their own - or - who are left to sit in a vehicle.

When the sun is hot outside and the windows are left closed in a vehicle the temperature quickly rises.  In just an hours time, it's not uncommon for temperatures in side a car to reach 130 or 150 degrees.

So what can you do?

First - never leave anyone inside an enclosed vehicle.  Children should never be left alone.  If you need to sit in a parked vehicle in the sun, roll the windows down and make sure that there is plenty of ventilation.

If you must park your car outside in the sun for a long period of time, consider cracking the windows a little to let the heat escape.  Then, when you get in to leave, roll the windows down for a few minutes and run the air conditioner or cooling fan on high;  This will help to push the hot air out and allow the temperature to cool off.

In many ways battling the heat comes down to simple common sense.

Some source materials were gained from the National Weather Service.