Could Journey have made the worst video ever for one of their best songs ever? "Separate Ways" is one of the hardest hitting rock songs they had a hit with and the video could have been a story song or concert footage.....but what we got was this.......

Being on the music side I know they were probably pressured into making a video, told they had a couple of days to put it together, they got angry and made this video to get their record lable off their back, not realizing it would be around forever.

What I see is: It looks like they pulled the bus up to a storage area, got off the bus with a camera and filmed it, without their instruments, and sent it in thinking is was silly and the record label wouldn't use it. They were wrong.

Who's the girl in the video, a wife of one of the guys, or just a chick hanging out on the docks when Journey spent the 10 minutes it took to make the video. It turns out they did hire here to be a part of the video and she didn't think it would ever see the light of day. A little side note, she never put it on her resume for fear someone would watch it.