As a guy who has always lived somewhere in which the land was always pretty flat, I've been thinking about driving in the winter around here more and more as we creep closer to the snowy season.

I grew up in Thief River Falls, and went to college in Bemidji. Both of which had a TON of snow that would pile up over the winter, but it was mostly flat land. But now I moved to the Twin Ports area, and the terrain is quite different. So I have a couple of questions that I would really appreciate if I got some clarification on when it comes to winter driving in Duluth.

Do I even bother trying to drive up and down the hill? That seems like something that could be an issue.

How are the bridges for the winter? I have to commute to Duluth from Superior every day. Is one of the bridges significantly better than the other for winter use?

What on earth happens to Canal Park when a ton of snow gets dumped on the area quickly? That doesn't seem like a good area to move a big pile of snow.

Any tips are appreciated and I look forward to using my auto-start at least 15 minutes before I need to use my vehicle every morning!

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