People tell me their stories all the time about ghosts, I love it!! Here's one I keep hearing about Duluth's Spirit Mountain.

Spirit Mountain

Spirit Mountain can be found in Duluth. One day a person died on the ski hill and now they haunt it. There is music that plays over the speakers and it sounds like the shed hisses at you when you pass it. Also you can see someone standing in the shed.

That is from

I have heard a couple of others besides that one.

There is a shed at the bottom of the hill, and this person and 3 others said they heard growling and hissing coming from the shed. When they looked, they thought they saw a shadow figure, so real in fact that they ran as fast as they could.

One woman told me how she grew up in the area and there was always something not right. That there were feelings of being watched, tugging, and whispering in the woods surrounding the area.

Another story tells of seeing someone on the hill when there was no one supposed to be there, when a check was called in on the radio, the person on the other end said, you are the only one on the hill.


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