The Ad Council is shining the spotlight on food safety  - relating some common myths and facts about home cooked meals.  The subject is one of their featured national campaigns that seek to inforrm the general public about a variety of issues.

I found some of the information they passed along as interesting stuff - especially if you're a foodie.

  • MYTH:  Microwaving food kills bacteria so the food is safe.   FACT:  Harmful bacteria might still remain, as food in a microwave heats unevenly.  Always follow instructions and know the dangers.
  • MYTH:  You can tell whether or not food is cooked by looking at it or touching it with a finger;  You don't need to use a thermometer.  FACT:  Color, texture, and steam are not proper indicators of whether or not food is cooked to temperature.  The only safe way to know is by using a thermometer.
  • MYTH:  You can't re-freeze food once it's been thawed.  FACT:  Yes, you CAN re-freeze food after it's been thawed.  However, you need to be aware of how long the food has remained out and how it was thawed.  Never re-freeze foods that were thawed in a microwave or in cool water.
  • MYTH:  You need to wash bagged salad greens.  FACT:  You don't need to wash pre-washed lettuce and greens.  Food sold as "ready to eat", "washed", or "triple washed" does not to be washed in the home.

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