The countdown to summer is on!  As winter and spring finally give way to nicer weather - this is the perfect time to think about accomplishing some projects around the home.  Some things are best to be done at this time of the year and others will allow you to spend less time working and more time playing when the summer sun finally decides to shine.

The list that follows gives you a good starting point with suggestions to accomplish right now.

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    Change The Oil In Your Snowblower And Your Lawn Tractor

    With the segue in seasons comes your chance to give the tools of each some TLC - especially your snowblower and your lawn tractor.  The ramp-up to summer is the best time to change the oil in both. Set aside a weekend afternoon and take care of both of them at the same time.  That way, the snowblower will be ready for storage (and be ready when winter comes again at the end of the year) and your lawn tractor will be serviceable for the upcoming mowing and hauling season.

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    Bring Out The Deck Furniture

    You want to enjoy summer, right?  If you have a deck - chances are you put that furniture into storage for the winter.  Take a brief amount of time now to unpack it, clean it off, and check it for needed repairs.  That way you'll be ready for backyard barbecues when the time comes.


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    Fertilize Your Trees And Lawn

    Spring of the year is the optimum time to fertilize the things that grow outside of your home - namely your trees, shrubs, and lawn.

    For trees  - it's easiest to buy the stake-style fertilizer spikes.  They sell them for specific-varieties of trees, so make sure you look whether or not you need to buy the spikes for evergreen, flowering, or hardwoods.  Then, follow the directions on the package - and your trees will continually be fed off of the stakes all summer long - each time it rains.

    Lawn fertilizer can be even easier to apply - coming in both dry and liquid varieties.  Some of the fertilizers also come with weed-control properties.

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    Clean Gutters And Downspouts

    Even if you cleaned out your gutters in the fall, chances are they will need to be re-cleaned again in the spring.  Over the winter, leaves and other organic material can build up in your gutters and downspouts, leading to back-ups and potential water damage.

    While you're up on the ladder, it's also a good opportunity to check the age and condition of those gutters - as well as your house in general.  Identifying problems and needs now will allow you to better plan your summer maintenance schedule.

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    Trim Shrubs And Bushes

    Although I personally prefer to trim my shrubery in the fall of the year - after the growing season is done, some experts say that spring is actually a good time to maintain your greenery.

    My only advice about spring trimming is to make sure you accomplish it early - before the first budding of the season.

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