The Superior Police Department continues its investigation into a bomb threat that occurred at the CVS Pharmacy on Tower Avenue in Superior.

At approximately 2:25 PM today, the Police responded to a bomb threat that was received by the Superior CVS Pharmacy.

CVS Pharmacies have recently been the victim of a nation-wide bomb threat hoax in an attempt to extort money from the corporation. The threat received by the Superior CVS Pharmacy was similar to those received by other CVS Pharmacies across the country.

CVS temporarily closed to ensure the safety of the public and its customers. A search of the business was conducted and it was determined that it was safe to re-open for business. CVS reopened a short time later. No explosive or other dangerous devices were discovered.

The Superior Police Department is encouraging any persons with knowledge of this or similar incidents to contact the Superior Police Department immediately.

We will continue to monitor this story and pass along updates as they become available.